Seducing with oils, butters, and waxes

About the Concoctions

Curious Concoctions natural personal care products are handcrafted for both men and women who want a unique moisturizing experience. All of the products are anhydrous to give you the maximum benefits without diluting the ingredients with water. The exotic butters and oils have been handpicked due to their distinct emollient qualities. The curious flavors, fragrances, and infusions have been layered into products to add a little play with every stroke. Get ready to be seduced with oils, butters, and waxes.
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Come and Visit

Friday, January 19th 6-9 pm - New Year, New You @ Performance Lexus 4328 Kings Water Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45249

Friday, February 2nd 6-10 pm - Lady in Red @ Macy’s - Kenwood Towne Center. 7875 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236 (entrance across from Crate & Barrel)
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Meet the Artisan/Owner

My journey can be summed up as transitioning from a life of toil to oil. I spent the majority of my adult life working tirelessly at a corporate job which left minimal time for friends and family. The creative joys I used to make time for were being consumed by a demanding career that stifled my creativity and cheerful personality. I thought work was everything and I made a mistake of letting it define me for several years. 

 In 2016 I was involved in a car accident where I suffered a brain injury which made it impossible for me to work for a year. As part of my recovery, I started to make products that made me feel better and look healthier. I also rediscovered essential oils and aromatherapy. Subsequently, I started making natural oil based products to give to family and friends. Doing these things together utilized all of my senses and made me feel really good and accomplished. I realized that my mind, body, and spirit no longer needed to suffer. 

Now that I am slowly recovering and accepting my 'new self', I realize the importance of doing things that truly make me happy. And what makes me happy is to proudly and humbly hand make every concoction for you.  This is why I created Curious Concoctions.
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